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Where are you? Where are you going? And how will you get there?

Current Location

In order for GPS, global positioning system to navigate you to your desired destination, the GPS must identify your current location. Similar to GPS, we begin by dedicating our expertise and technology to precisely determine where you currently are in terms of your financial picture. At CWPIM, we have the experience and knowledge to recognize the significance of determining your current financial status.

Desired Destination

Once we have established your current location, we begin designing your road map addressing all your desired stops along the journey, while navigating you through unanticipated and foreseeable obstacles.

Guide along the Journey

However, our greatest strength is in our dedication and our creative and superior technological approach to monitor your wealth plan and investment portfolio and provide guidance in making the necessary adjustments before you go off the path to reach your desired destination.

Conscientious Wealth Planning and Investment Management LLC is a Georgia and Florida registered investment adviser doing business as CWPIM.

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