Investment Management in Georgia


Devotion To Cause

At CWPIM, we have the experience to understand the responsibilities required to safeguard what you have worked hard for all your life. Hence, we have chosen to serve you and provide guidance for your present and future as our passion, and take the utmost pride in providing unconditional devotion by putting your interests before ours, the conscientious way!

Pioneering Technology

We will continue to dedicate our assets to acquire the latest technology and improvement of our infrastructure to efficiently manage your financial affairs and enhance our ability to better serve you. Your success is our primary marketing strategy. While our competitors in the wealth management industry have excessive marketing budgets, at CWPIM, we invest our assets responsibly, focusing on developing a platform to enhance your bottom line.

Enriching The Planning Process

We spend a lot of energy and time in determining your initial financial position, as a correct diagnosis is imperative in order to construct an accurate wealth plan. Furthermore, during planning stages we keep our ears and eyes open and pay attention to every little detail and thus are capable of efficiently applying our expertise to create a feasible plan, directed by you with our professional guidance. However, we simply outclass our competitors due to our creative and technologically advanced approach in monitoring your wealth plan and making the necessary adjustments to your investment portfolio.

The Macro Driver

Do you ever find yourself pondering after the fact what you could have done to prevent a major disaster or how you could have reduced your losses if you had just taken certain precautions and made adjustments prior to a calamity striking? If so, how about protecting your portfolio by stress testing potential economic events and adjusting your holdings according to your risk appetite. In other words, before a certain macro event occurs, we anticipate the factors associated with the event and translate the risk within your portfolio and adjust your portfolio holdings accordingly.

Efficient Monitoring Process

Instead of simply disseminating automated monthly statements and market commentary, we rigorously stress test your portfolios on a monthly basis to ensure your portfolio is accurately tracking your long-term plans. While the industry is trending towards Robo advising and in-house auto-modeling, we at CWPIM are focused on further enhancing customization methodology to provide transparency into risks associated with your assets.

Tax Efficient & Socially Responsible Strategies

We specialize in designing solutions that maximize your after tax returns and rank and filter out corporations that do not meet specific standards to be qualified as socially responsible.

Conscientious Wealth Planning and Investment Management LLC is a Georgia and Florida registered investment adviser doing business as CWPIM.

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